Sunday, August 29, 2010

I fell asleep watching UFC!!!

So last night I fell asleep watching UFC.

Here's the fights and my opinion of the fight and outcome.

Andre Winner VS Nick Leintz(sp)

So the fight starts out with Winner getting the better of the standup and Lentz looking for his range. Lentz was suffering from a 4inch reach disadvantage. Winner became comfortable in his short lived dominance and ended up paying the price. Just minutes into the fight Lentz was able to get in deep chest to chest with Winner and the grappler from Minnesota gained the upperhand. Although Winner was only put on his back once towards the end of the first round it signaled what lie ahead.
The second round Lentz came back more confident and was able to hang on to Winner for most of the round and Winner seemed to lose his spirit. Most of the round was Lentz holding on to Winner and Winner getting to his feet just to be taken again.
The third round was pretty much the same. The announcement team of Joe Rogan and Mike Dickberg called Winner out by now but he started off with a nice flurry of punches that seemed like he was still in it but Lentz, relentless in his conquest repeated more of the same and ground out the victory. It wasnt an exciting fight but it showed that Nick Lentz had some heart and if he gained a few more sets of moves and some better striking he could be a future Matt Hughes.

Winner Nick Lentz by Unanimous Decision (30/27, 30/27, 29/28)



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